Police Misconduct

The foundation of police/law enforcement is to protect and serve.  In order to achieve those ends law police/enforcement is given a host of freedoms not available to the general public, including the application of deadly force, high-speed driving, and seizing personal property. While these liberties may be necessary, they also can create opportunities for misconduct.

It is normal to feel intimidated if you feel you are the victim of police misconduct.  “But when [police misconduct] happens, the impact that it has, the gash that it leaves, in the web of trust that we need in order for everyone to feel safe, is tremendous.”1 An attorney may be able to help you feel more comfortable while explaining your legal options.

Types of police misconduct cases I handle include:

  • Excessive force
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled
  • False arrest and illegal detention
  • Jail custody abuse and neglect
  • Racial profiling and illegal detention
  • Trumped-up charges of resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer
  • Unjustified deadly force

I fight for individuals who are victims of police misconduct and I will stand up for their rights throughout Washington State. I can review the facts of your case to determine whether you have a claim and also file a civil rights lawsuit on your behalf.  Also, I will advocate for you both inside and outside of court.

Remember, an initial consultation is always FREE.

  1. Mick Kreever, Loretta Lynch compares visibility of police misconduct to civil rights era, CNN.com, Jan. 23, 2016 (quoting U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch), available at: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/22/world/loretta-lynch-amanpour/.