Disability Discrimination

Individuals with disabilities have the right to be free from discrimination under both United States and Washington State law, helping to ensure equal protection of the laws.  The federal law, Americans with Disabilities Act, protects individuals in the context of employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities and transportation.  Washington State law is even more broad in its application, and offers more protection to individuals.

The Congressional objective of the Americans with Disabilities Act is “the elimination or reduction of physical and social structures that impede people with some present, past, or perceived impairments from contributing, according to their talents, to our Nation’s social, economic, and civic life.”  Tennessee v. Lane, 541 US 509, 536 (2004) (Ginsburg, J., concurring).

The term “discrimination” in an disability law context means less favorable treatment because of a person’s mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Types of disability discrimination cases I handle include:

  • Employment
  • Mental health
  • Prisoners’ rights
  • Public accommodations
  • State and local government services
  • Transportation
  • Veterans
  • Voting

I fight for individuals who are wrongfully treated and need help standing up for their rights throughout Washington State. I can review the facts of your case to determine whether you have a claim, assist you in filing administrative complaints and appeal or alternatively file a civil lawsuit on your behalf.  Also, I will advocate for you both inside and outside of court.

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